Interview: A scent of theleadership of tomorrow, The Slovenian Times, Autumn 2018

Interview: A scent of theleadership of tomorrow, The Slovenian Times, Autumn 2018

Q The majority of your work is consulting, lecturing and authoring; none of which seem like an ordinary job, yet the majority of your clients still come from companies, where 9 to 5 jobs are still the rule? What does the future of work mean for jobs, skills, and wages?

Lucija: Yes, that is a question opening firstly the mirror we are not all ready to look into. Namely, what does a job actually mean? Is it a jail that your boss/company puts you in? Or is it an inner and outer journey, where you share your ideas, omnipotently acknowledged as a humble desire, that we all want to feel good. The future of work is going to be very spiritual. The skill of linking intelligence, rational, emotion- al, spiritual and physical is knowledge needed in the future.

Perry: The "fixed" hours of work increasingly baffles me but it is linked to three things: (a) school timings; (b) long-standing habit and (c) supposed retail hours. Only (a) really has little chance of change, but the more widespread adoption of pre- and after-school clubs; people working from home or not fixed to an office- based working process, and with retail now largely online and extended beyond 9 to 5.30, we really have little excuse.

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