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Več o 4Q v Slovenia Times, julij 2018

Reign of depth and content – toward holacracy

By Professor Lucija Mulej, Personality Manager, Business Anthropologist, Budnjani 4Q Coach, Author

Summer time is probably the most appreciated time of the year; or it should be! When professional stress is minimised, when the rational mind is still, when emotions and colours subside, the time for new ideas is ripe and ready. Our minds go into overdrive in this era of advanced capitalism, IT success stories and multiple blockchain gains played by young winners under 30. I Ching says "in the time of plenty there is no need for depth". Does that also apply to content, with inner richness and personal integrity, deluded by capital gains consequently formed via usage of humans as a means to an end?

The world "has gone nuts" some critics say and the reign of confidence, implying behaviour that goes beyond a rational approach of decision making, indicates why in today’s agendas we lose or obtain so much. To achieve success is no longer such a big fuss; you have to be internet addict, fast in typing, overwhelming in appetite, rigid in emotion, lazy in spirit and eager to learn new marketing tricks and voila, tomorrow you can be a bestselling success story, a new cyber millionaire?! Young, pretty and rich. With or without content and depth.

Passion for life: why stories win

Nowadays, 'passion' is just a word with new references. If we dedicate our life to achievements we learn so much, especially when we have an open eye, warm heart and cool mind. Being an entrepreneur is probably the most challenging role we can choose; not just do we need to be confident, sometimes cocky, as well as rational, pragmatic and holistic, we ought to be psychic and predicting the future. Since business is all about this moment and its influence on the future, just ordinary knowledge won’t do. 
Passion for life is probably the motto of those who achieved admirable success, not just in numbers but also in impact. Life is all about what is not systemised or is just a little bit. It is more about joy, colours, meaning, happiness and willingness to feel good, to create and enjoy the fruits of endeavour. About random, not ruled. But, real business is so many times far from life! It is still generally considered unprofessional for economists to base their analysis on intuition, hope and ethics, i.e. 'stories'. We are supposed to stick to the facts, merely the facts based on optimisation of economic variables but we know the economy is much more than numbers. It is more about passion, stories and content. And what do stories really tell? They are inscriptions of subconscious values, expectations and desires, notions that drive the economy that we can see, investigate and measure.
Are we ready to observe the invisible but totally touchable? Are we ready to touch humane singularity? To see things as anthropologists do, unconventionally? We have to be ready - even if we are not.
To be successful in today’s economy we have to understand how the human mind functions. We no longer have just rational, there is also the emotional and cyber economy, where stories play a crucial role. Full of adventures, passion and yes, probably picturesque facts, ballooned solutions and fairytale details, stories masterly intertwined with the core ideas they create. The Human being -andindividual - is a creator of stories, especially in the "developed IT world", where objectivity is no longer as objective as it was and stories are crucial mechanisms of today’s trade. Are we able to predict, see, smell and co-create future stories? We live in an era of virtual, spontaneous, hybrid, cyber, cyborg, spatial and optional – where we create more than we can imagine and manage. This is the reason why we have to constantly evolve, which is also the reason why we need to be ready!
In selling our knowledge we need to sell problems along with solutions, woven into the idea of the immediate future that we can imagine and manage. Management is the key and comprehending crypto language, subconscious codes of human behaviour and our influence on both, is crucial for tomorrow’s opportunities and the future wellbeing of us all.

Passion for business: why do we burnout?
Workaholics, visionaries, bravehearts and all great minds of passion do stumble and sometimes fall. What leaders and managers today are most afraid of is the increasing complexity as demonstrated above. This suggests that the more complex the environment, the more complex the management has to be. In pursuing the goal of collective happiness and satisfaction, managers and leaders have too great a burden and go down the long road of total exhaustion! 
Leaders should, alongside business goals and corporate strategy, address the collective imagination of their people and create a collective identity bringing together four dimensions:
body (healthy living), mind (smart decisions), heart (relationships) and spirit (contribution to the benefit of all) (Buytendijk,
2009: 55). Or, as we explain in Budnjani 4Q, we need to connect the rational mind (IQ), the emotional (EQ), spirit (SQ) and body (PQ). Stress erupts in our minds, hearts, and memories and at the subconscious level we cannot redirect the oppressed redundant energies that are a part of our collective behaviours, which is reason why we need paradigm shifts in the explanatory and solution phases. From job descriptions to managing roles we are playing; from visible to invisible subtle forms of authority that are distributed amongst teams and no longer allocated in the delegated vision of minority authority.


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