4Q Intelligence Connectivity is a novel term, created in company Budnjani by prof. Lucija Mulej Ph.D.

Linking different sciences and areas such as business anthropology, sociology, psychoanalysis, human capital, linguistic competence and parallel worlds of meaning yield higher conscious rethinking of old concepts, establishing grounding milieus for new ones. Creativity, complex problem solving, collaboration and people management are just few mentioned skills and competences contemporary era demands. Not just coaching our skills and competence, future will need experts of "personality management". The need of deep understanding of human nature within the shift from the Age of the Earth to Anthropocene needs experts who can predict, measure, and acknowledge human affairs and deeds as well as their behaviours.

What future will prefer are those who will stick their necks out, who will dare to see and act without safety nets, with no fear of retributions. The future of work introduces human capital as a core value, difficult to encompass and understand but this prerequisite is what we all shall consider and live with.
Our moto is »Perceive. Awaken". These two words encompass the core meaning of 4 Q Intelligence connectivity. How?

Through interlacing hard-core science with soft core, we combine subtle with solid; invisible with obvious, spirit with mater; and we call it business anthropology from within. We believe true transformational knowledge, alive and meaningful, thus helpful, creates a sphere of mutual TRUST. With this kind of methodology, we forge new ground for opening human potentials, talents, creativity and ability to act on unknown grounds.

Let US start with IQ. Rational mind has been prevalent mode of thinking for almost 5 centuries since renaissance and later Descartes famous quote I think; therefor I am. Dualistic nature of human cognition has long haul persistence and perseverance. Though pictured as black and white it seems we are in 2022's almost mature enough to bridge this dualistic conundrum.

If we continue with EQ, we encounter Goleman and other famous books, teaching us there is more to the mind than simple data, processing and managing. People are a mystery, knows each consultant who witnessed trustful inquiry of respect and insight. Since we can observe the power of e-motion that triggers, supports, boost, lifts, cocreates and provides us with fuel of sensations and feelings, our goal certainly is to support benevolent and constructive emotions. We create unique tailor made tools for our clients to support their natural talents in harnessing best of emotional energy, which is every days' human transaction.

SQ refers to holistic underpinning of processes of bridging and linking classical fragmental thinking, earmarked for dualistic and rational mindsets. How can we really contribute the best of what we are, and what we have? So, spiritual intelligence is the upgrade of solely rational and instrumental mode. It is the ability to contemplate. We offer distinguished solutions for our clients form neurological and anthropological fields of expertise.

PQ as a term exemplifies our bodies and wellbeing where we are focused on complementary medical approach, combining allopathic and homeopathic philosophical perspectives, including arts and knowledge introduced by homeopathy as well as medical hypnosis.


The answer to overall questions of human kind are embedded in our methodology 4Q Intelligence Connectivity:



Programmes are tailor made and given in accordance with 4Q Intelligence Connectivity Methodology.

In pursuing the goal of collective happiness and satisfaction, managers and leaders can carry too heavy burden. We will gently, alongside business goals and corporate strategy, address the collective imagination of team and create framework of collective identity, bringing together four dimensions: body (healthy living), mind (smart decisions), heart (relationships) and spirit (contribution to the benefit of all) and other important cultural beliefs of your company.


- Understanding the idea of PERSONAL GROWTH through challenging and demanding emotions we can encounter
- Tackling emotional and cognitive STRESS in complex international cooperation
- Opening of human POTENTIALS (interlacing knowledge, sensations, visualizations, and imagination)
- Explaining "know how" for business PASSION (trust as synergy of differences)
- Understanding the idea of TRUST through challenging situations
- Understanding increasing complexity of business and HUMAN FACTOR (simplification techniques)
- Meaning, cultural, value, perception, and etymological GAPS for fruitful collaboration (personal, intrapersonal and historic ontological contexts)
- Communication and meaning/ LINGUISTIC approach
- Culture of trust: meaning NEGOTIATION and values
- Corporative core values and cultural beliefs: ENGAGING TRUST

We will work on 4 POWERS OF TRUST:

IQ – power of thoughts
EQ – power of emotions
SQ – power of purpose
PQ – power of team


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