Kolumna: Trust, The New Advocate of a Future HR-Centered Economy, The Slovenia TIMES, Marec 2019

Kolumna: Trust, The New Advocate of a Future HR-Centered Economy, The Slovenia TIMES, Marec 2019

Mlakar's passion is vivid. She is full of insights for the 21st century economy. Her moto is "Perceive. Awaken." At the EAPM Congress 2019 in Bled she will, among others, address the question of trust, which is essential to HR and the future of all of us.

Evolving form a geocentric to an anthropocentric economy, contemporary HR deals with many subtle issues. It seems trust is a new currency, prevailing among others, non-material and intangible ones. Is trust something we control, manipulate or create? Yes and no. Inside our mental constituents we have installed during our childhood years, trust in ontological safety was prevailing self-evident value, hopefully almost never questioned. Believing things are fine, trusting that sun will rise each morning, parents will create solutions to the many challenges life brings, we co-created beautiful, peaceful and harmonious idea of life that seemed obvious and overwhelming. When due to obvious or less obvious reasons trust is broken, inner safety is lost. While the inner safety lack turns out to be a wide institutional problem, bringing our consumption appetites to minimum, which poses a great risk to international economy, we invented solutions. We see from here trust can easily become a new target, a new currency and value for money. Thus, we have created and used institutions for yielding trust alongside laws and other official manners of agreement. Since we know how hard it is when we suffer inside and out, we are trying to prevent pain we experience when we lose trust.

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