About me/Director

Associate Professor Lucija Mulej was awarded the PhD in 2006 and was elected Assistant Professor in 2009. The beginning of her professional career was marked by her engagement at several Slovenian universities: her first post was at the Faculty of Social Sciences where she taught Research methodology in social sciences, Sociology of gender, Development of sociological theories, Anthropology and Sociology. Then at ZRC SAZU/ SRC SASA (Scientific research centre of the Slovenian academy of sciences and arts), she was Head of International office, and at the University of Nova Gorica, where she taught, for two years, courses in Science in the media, Environmental psychology and Social ecology as well. She also collaborated with the Faculty for management, University of Koper, where she was involved in a Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia projects. In the 2009-2011 period she taught at the International faculty for social and business studies, where she achieved tangible results, particularly in terms of students' satisfaction with her approach and work. In the course of her work at ZRC SAZU she collaborated with EMUNI, Euromediterranean University based in Portorož.

During her MA and PhD studies she travelled a lot: she is interested in anthropological fieldwork and leaves for Brazil (2003), Australia (2005) and Thailand (2006). Through her professional activities she discovered travel is her way of life: she believes the key to understanding the world is a wide gaze and an open heart. In 2006 she spent a longer period in Denmark's Department of political science under supervision of dr. Tom Bryder. She gained invaluable philanthropic experience in the Movement for Justice and Development (Gibanje za pravičnost in razvoj) led by dr. Janez Drnovšek, State President, where she worked as secretary general.In 2008 she decided to go independent and establish her own company, MOLGA, Intellectual service for developing human potentials. As of 2010 she is a professor at DOBA faculty where she lectures in newly formed courses Models and tools of successful company communication, Positive psychology for contemporary business, Quality of life and Methodology of business research. In 2011 dr. Mulej was awarded the best MA lecturer award.

In 2011 she established company BUDNJANI d.o.o., whose motto is "Awoken. Solutions." From 2013 she teaches at Faculty for Organization Studies Novo mesto and Gea College. Since 2008 she's been intensively involved with family businesses to whom she organizes lectures on various topics (negotiation, motivation, art of persuasion and influence) and personal trainings for directors and sector managers. The basic principle in company cooperation is the input of spiritual capital and understanding the meaning of social and personal capital for a healthy structure of material capital and its growth; MOLGA and BUDNJANI now have over 2000 references and long-term clients. Last decade she has been working in international corporations (DS Smith Slovenia, GEN-I Slovenia, PANDUIT USA) and others.

As well is active as journalist and PR expert, working for Slovenian top newspapers like Delo, https://www.delo.si/tag/lucija-mulej-mlakar/ , Dnevnik, http://budnjani.si/v_medijih/232/clanek_dr_lucija_mulej_za_slovenijo_brez_plastenk_dnevnik_oktober_2021/ Ona Plus https://onaplus.delo.si/Iskanje?q=lucija+mulej , Slovenia Times https://sloveniatimes.com/trust-the-new-advocate-of-a-future-hr-centered-economy/ and others with over 1000 publications and dozen interviews with distinguished individuals from medical, scientific, architecture and business expert field.

As a business anthropologist, she develops tools and individual solutions for her clients. Within companies, she developed 4 Q ELE (evolution-leading-education), where IQ, EQ, SQ and PQ are introduced and engaged through business models. For individuals, she has developed brand 4 Q, linking 4 intelligences (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical), helping people to bypass stress and insufficient impacts of environment and social context in which one is placed into.

As an individual and business counsellor she published over 400 professional articles and over 30 scientific articles as a lecturer and researcher. She published 6 monographies. She is a member of Female business association FAM, Slovenia Managers Association, Rotary International ect.


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