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»Greatness is earned, never given.«

Dr. LM





    The DIAGNOSTICS of true principles and latent possibilities lies in the art of creation, in the sustainable creative process that unravels between the counsellor and the client. Together we can reach deeper. We get to point.




    The POTENTIALS are much like lines through which we shape our present, change our perception of the past and co-create our future. Budnjani d.o.o. are the right choice for people, who realise that the right decision is always deeper and more demanding.




    The DEVELOPMENT, the unbroken game of antagonisms, the understanding of the meaning of true business cooperation in itself brings lasting wellbeing and abundance on personal, internal and most intimate levels. True development enriches everyone involved. We're aware of the implications of causality and can therefore design a vision to reward everyone.




    TALENTS are like sparks. We're nourishing them through sincere relationships, we are improving them through sparking ideas. We're intertwining the processes of sparking with the principles of fire, water, metal, wood, air, earth and heartiness with our business values and solutions. Shortcuts... we couldn't care less about. We're interested in finding the right direction and the optimal pathway, with respect to given causalities.


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